10 Things You Should Know About Pugapoo Dogs

If you’re thinking of getting a Pugapoo, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. We’ve got an all-encompassing list of FAQs that will answer any burning questions you have about this lovable dog.

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1. What human foods can Pugapoos eat?

According to the American Kennel Club, your dog can eat turkey, wheat, grains, salmon, pork, honey, fish, eggs, coconut, corn, bread, cashews, cheese, and yoghurt.

2. What is the Pug Poddle Mix called?

A Pug Poddle Mix is usually called Pugapoo. Others call this mixed breed as Pugpoo, Pugdoodle, Pugadoodle, Pugoodle, and Pug-A-Poo. 

3. Do all Pugapoos bark a lot?

Barking is not a characteristic of all Pugapoos. In fact, not all Pugapoo dogs bark a lot, but only those who take after the Poodle parent. Barking is generally considered a way for dogs to communicate, but if your Pugapoo barks excessively, there may be a reason for it. 

4. What do Pugapoo grunts mean?

When a Pugapoo grunts, it’s usually an expression of contentment. For example, if you pet your dog or give him treats, he may grunt in appreciation.

5. Why does my Pugapoo lick me all the time?

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Your dog could just be licking you to show their affection, but there are several other factors that may be at play.

Wanting food: Do you want to know what your dog is trying to tell you about their licking behavior? According to animal experts, your pet may instinctively desire attention and food. Puppies in the wild will lick their mother’s face to show her that they are truly desperate for food, and she will then hastily supply them with her latest catch.

Showing affection: Licking can be a way for Pugapoo dogs to show you that they’re happy to see you.

Feeling anxious: When experiencing anxiety, Pugapoo dogs may start to lick their lips or paws a lot. This action releases pleasure chemicals in the brain, like dopamine and endorphins, and make them feel good. 

You should respond to anxious licking by giving your pup petting, cuddles, or kind words. This will help control the licking situation and help ease your dog’s anxiety.

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Tasting their owners: Did you know that Pugapoos can also get a little excited after you eat and may want to lick your face or hands? These dogs can detect even the slightest of scents with their incredibly sensitive noses.

Wanting attention: Another reason is that your dog may have learned that licking can be an effective way to get your attention, and over time it has become a habit. You can reinforce this licking behavior by responding with attention and love.

Showing empathy: Like most dogs, Pugapoos are practically emotional detectives. They have an amazing ability to sense your emotions and lick you as a way of comfort.

6. Can I get a Pugapoo if I have allergies?

Yes. Pugapoos are one of the most hypoallergenic breeds of dogs, meaning that they are less likely to cause allergies in people. 

7. Are Pugapoo dogs great with kids?

Yes. They are gentle enough that kids can hug them and playful enough that kids will have a lot of fun playing with them.

8. Are Pugapoo dogs stubborn?

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Yes, but not all of them. If the Pugapoo takes after the personality of the Pug parent, she is likely to showcase a stubborn streak. This means that she can be quite willful and independent, which can be troublesome if you don’t have the time or patience to deal with her.

However, with patience, consistent training, positive reinforcements, rules, and boundaries, you can help your Pugapoo be a well-behaved dog.

9. Are Pugapoos easy to care for?

Yes. Pugapoos are one of the easiest dogs to care for. You don’t need a lot of space to keep a Pugapoo. In fact, they’re usually just fine living in a small apartment or condo.

The main thing you need to keep in mind when caring for a Pugapoo is to feed hear a balanced diet to prevent obesity.

10. Are Pugapoo dogs at risk for health problems?

The Pug and Poodle are at risk for certain health problems. This means that the offspring of these two adorable pups could end up developing one or more of these serious illnesses. Short-Faced (Brachycephalic) Dog Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), Obesity, and eye problems can be passed on to the Pugapoo pup.

If you want to learn more about these health problems, read our comprehensive Pugapoo Dog Breed Profile.

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