9 Reasons Why Your Chihuahua’s Tongue Is Sticking Out

Does your Chihuahua have a habit of sticking his tongue out? If yes, you probably find this an adorable and funny sight. We do, too, and we won’t blame you if you can’t resist capturing these moments.

Like most breeds, Chihuahuas let their tongues hang loose when they feel hot, ecstatic, and content. But that’s not all. There are other reasons why your Chihuahua’s tongue is sticking out. Keep reading as we get to the bottom of this behavior.

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1. Why Your Chihuahua’s Tongue Is Sticking Out: To Cool Off

The first thing to remember: due to the Chihuahua’s small body size and fast metabolism, their body temperature can rise quicker than larger breeds. Therefore, to retain thermal balance, this breed utilizes thermoregulation techniques; among these is panting to cool off.

Panting is a physiological response that helps dogs regulate their body temperature. When a Chihuahua pants, it rapidly inhales and exhales air which passes over its tongue and respiratory tract. Evaporation of the moisture from the tongue enables heat to be lost from the body, helping keep a steady body temperature. 

How To Keep Your Chi Cool:

Ensuring a Chihuahua’s comfort and avoiding any heat-related issues is of the utmost importance, as these small dogs are more susceptible to overheating due to their size and vulnerability. Various methods can be utilized to guarantee their safety during periods of extreme temperature.

Firstly, provide a shaded area where your Chi can stay cool; this can be either within the confines of the home or in an airy outdoor environment. Shade is essential for these dogs to retreat from high temperatures.

Consequently, provide access to fresh and clean water at all times, as this breed is prone to dehydration. On hotter days, multiple water bowls should be allocated around the home and replenished regularly; adding ice cubes to their water bowl may also be beneficial.

Minimize outdoor activities during the peak of the day. Exercise should be performed in cooler temperatures, such as early morning or later evening. Paw pads can easily burn on asphalt and concrete surfaces, so protective booties must always be worn, or grassy areas should be selected to avoid contact with harmful heat sources.

Ultimately, utilizing cooling methods should be considered during periods of extreme heat. A damp towel or cooling mat in the Chihuahua’s sleeping area can provide relief. Additionally, an appropriate and safe fan near their resting space may help to circulate air and keep them cool; however, it must not be aimed directly at the dog.

2. To Relax

When a Chihuahua’s tongue is sticking out, it could mean that he is satisfied and content. This usually happens when the dog is resting or in the company of owner.

One possible explanation for this is that the breed’s tongue may be too long for their mouth, making it difficult for them to pull back their tongue completely. Combined with their relaxed state, this anatomical feature could create the impression that it’s sticking out.

3. To Express Excitement

These little, lively canines are recognized for their vibrant and enthusiastic personalities. When happy or in high spirits, be it through toys, the presence of a family member, or an expectation of reward, these dogs usually have their tongues sticking out of their mouths. This behavior is seen as illustrating their enthusiasm from within.

Furthermore, observing a Chihuahua with its tongue out may be endearing and usually provokes a positive reaction from its carers and those in proximity, further supporting its behavior.

4. Why Your Chihuahua’s Tongue Is Sticking Out: As A Sign Of Anxiety

It is vital to realize that Chis can quickly become overwhelmed, which leads to heightened anxiety. Anxiety can present itself in many ways, including excessive panting, shaking, screaming, chewing, and crying.

But did you know that a tongue hanging out also indicates that a Chihuahua is under stress?

When suffering from anxiety, it is not uncommon for a Chihuahua to exhibit increased panting and protrusion of the tongue. Panting in dogs serves as a natural self-cooling mechanism; however, in extreme fear or stress, panting may occur at an exaggerated rate. This heightened respiration level may also lead to the tongue hanging out, which helps promote better breathing efficiency.

Below are some tips that can help manage your Chihuahua’s anxiety:

It is essential to create a secure and safe atmosphere. Chihuahuas are most comfortable when they have an area designated exclusively for them, whether it be a mattress or crate in which they can hide and feel safeguarded. To reduce uneasiness, offering a spot away from loud sounds is wise.

Chihuahuas require timely and consistent exercise to foster mental stimulation and release excess energy. Daily walks, playtime, and fun interactive toys should be incorporated into their routine to meet these needs. Additionally, regular physical activity can help trigger the release of endorphins which promote feelings of happiness or euphoria for the dog.

To cultivate confidence and adaptability in their early stages, Chihuahua puppies should be exposed to various people, pets, and settings. Positive reinforcement training techniques can motivate good behavior while simultaneously forming positive relationships.

More importantly, pinpoint causes of anxiety and take steps to reduce their effect. This may involve using noise-reduction measures, offering secure places for them to retreat, or exposing the Chihuahua gradually and cautiously to things that prompt stress.

5. As A Result Of Dental And Gum Disease

Image credit: @mufasa_the_black_chihuahua

The dental health of a Chihuahua is essential.

Gingivitis and other oral diseases can cause a Chihuahua to habitually display their tongue to alleviate the physical discomforts brought on by the ailment or provide relief for any missing or damaged teeth. In addition, poor alignment caused by overcrowded teeth or, in more severe cases, tooth decay can make it difficult for them to close their mouth without the tongue sticking out. And if they have lost teeth due to dental problems, the tongue can slip through these gaps.

Given these, the Chihuahua should be provided with regular dental care. To prevent potential oral health issues, the teeth must be brushed daily using a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for dogs. Additionally, veterinarians should conduct professional cleanings regularly further to ensure the well-being of their teeth and gums. Utilizing appropriate dental chew toys is also beneficial to minimize plaque accumulation.

6. Why Your Chihuahua’s Tongue Is Sticking Out: Due To Genetics

As we have noted, Chihuahuas are predisposed to developing hanging tongue syndrome due to their anatomy. These dogs have large heads relative to their miniature size and a shortened upper jaw, both of which create a smaller oral cavity that limits the space available for the tongue. As such, the organ may not be fully contained within the mouth.

The most compelling evidence for this is selective breeding. The genetic makeup of Chihuahuas has led to a higher chance of them being born with an anatomical predisposition for their tongues to hang out, as a result of prolonged selective breeding, which prioritized certain physical traits such as a compressed snout and compact jaws. This could contribute to the development of hanging tongue syndrome among this breed. 

Owners of Chihuahuas with this syndrome should diligently take protective measures for their pet’s health. An overexposed tongue can cause severe dryness or injury, thus requiring regular maintenance to keep it moisturized and sanitary.

7. Due To Dehydration

Due to their smaller body mass and higher metabolic rate, Chihuahuas are at an increased risk of dehydration compared to larger dog breeds. Should the level of hydration in a Chihuahua become sufficiently low, it may cause their tongue to stick out – a trait commonly associated with their breed.

If a Chihuahua is deprived of adequate amounts of fresh water or is left in hot and dry climates for extensive periods, they may be unable to compensate for the fluid lost due to increased panting. In response to dehydration, the body can reduce saliva production as a defense mechanism to conserve moisture, consequently leading to the tongue sticking out.

A Chihuahua’s health can suffer drastically due to dehydration if not adequately addressed. Dehydration symptoms may include dry and sticky gums, sunken eyes, lethargy, lack of appetite, and a dry or cracked tongue. In extreme cases, organ failure can occur, leading to life-threatening circumstances.

To protect Chihuahuas from becoming dehydrated, pet owners must constantly ensure they have access to fresh, uncontaminated water. They should observe how much their pet consumes during high temperatures or after vigorous exercise. Providing hydration at regular intervals and ensuring the area is well-ventilated and shaded may aid in preserving sufficient amounts of liquids within the body.

8. Due To Injury

Injuries to a Chihuahua’s jaw and mouth can affect the ability of the dog to retract its tongue, leading to its protrusion. Such injuries may cause muscle or nerve damage, resulting in pain and swelling. The positioning or movement of the tongue can be affected by cuts and fractures if they are severe enough. 

Injuries to the tongue itself can also contribute, such as those resulting from a Chihuahua biting its tongue while chewing on a hard object. This can result in swelling or inflammation of the tissue. As an automatic reaction to pain and distress, the Chihuahua may not fully retract its tongue, thus making it protrude outside its mouth.

But that’s not all. If a Chihuahua’s tongue is extending out from its mouth due to trauma, this may indicate more underlying issues. Associated symptoms such as pain, difficulty swallowing or drinking, increased salivation, and bleeding must not be overlooked. It is fundamental to take the dog to a vet clinic for further diagnosis and treatment

9. Due To Deformities

Overbite and Underbite

Certain physical irregularities can lead to Chihuahuas sticking out their tongue.

Uncorrected cases of overbite and underbite can lead to incorrect placement of the teeth, resulting in a condition where the Chihuahua cannot fit its tongue within their mouth comfortably.

In the case of an overbite, the upper teeth may push against the lower jaw in a manner that disrupts its positioning, resulting in tongue protrusion. This misalignment can make it difficult for a Chihuahua to properly keep its tongue within the mouth, prompting it to stick out often. Similarly, an underbite can also work to displace the normal positioning of the tongue and force it to extend outwards involuntarily.

Long Tongue

Chihuahuas feature longer-than-average tongues, an anatomical trait that hinders their ability to tuck it entirely inside their mouths.

Chihuahuas have tongues that are longer than average, which makes it difficult for them to keep their tongue inside of their mouth. This physical characteristic, coupled with the fact that they typically pant more often, commonly results in their tongues being visible and protruding outwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Chihuahua’s tongue sticking out be corrected through surgical interventions?

If the long tongue of the Chihuahua is having an excessively negative effect on its quality of life, a glossectomy may be considered. This procedure involves removing a portion of the tongue to reduce its size and improve essential activities such as eating, drinking, and breathing.

Are there any specific breeds or types of dogs other than Chihuahuas that commonly have their tongues sticking out?

Indeed, there are other breeds aside from Chihuahuas that are usually seen with their tongues sticking out.

Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Bulldogs, mainly English and French Bulldog breeds, often have protruding tongues due to their short snouts and compact jaw structure. The pushed-in facial features of these breeds make it hard for them to fit the entire tongue inside their mouths.

Another dog breed is Boxers, known for their energetic temperament and strong jaw muscles. The regular panting associated with this breed often results in the tongue hanging loosely out of the mouth, which is particularly visible after physical activity or in hot weather conditions.

Can a Chihuahua’s tongue sticking out affect its ability to eat or drink properly?

The tongue of a Chihuahua is essential for correctly grasping and manipulating their food. A protruding tongue can impede their ability to feed efficiently. Nevertheless, Chihuahuas are incredibly adaptable and often develop effective strategies using their lips or teeth to compensate for potential difficulties caused by the extended tongue. In some cases, adjusting the canine’s diet to softer items may be necessary for easier consumption.

Likewise, it compromises their ability to effectively drink from water bowls or other drinking devices. Forming an adequate seal is difficult when the tongue is sticking out, causing them to struggle with drinking and potentially spilling water everywhere. To aid in this issue, use drinking bowls with raised edges or smaller openings explicitly designed to cater to dogs facing this condition.

Are any specific age groups of Chihuahuas more prone to having their tongues stick out?

Chihuahuas may occasionally stick out their tongues; however, this behavior is not exclusive to a particular age group. Rather than being determined by age, the frequency of their tongue sticking out stems from various factors, such as temperature, genetics, emotional state, and underlying health problems.

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