12 Things You Should Know About The Irish Doodle

We get asked many questions about the Irish Doodle, so we put together this FAQ article to help! Here are 12 common questions about Irish Doodles and our answers.

irish doodle

1. How much do Irish Doodles cost?

Ani Irish Doodlecosts a lot – you might expect to spend anything from $2000 to $3000 for a puppy. With the growing popularity of this breed, their prices will keep rising too.

2. Can Irish Doodles swim?

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Just because the Irish Doodle has some traits of a parent breed that is good at swimming doesn’t mean your particular breed will do well in the water. Like people, each dog is unique, and your Irish Doodle may or may not enjoy swimming.

3. Do Irish Doodles barkers?

These dogs don’t bark a lot, but they may do so out of sheer boredom

4. How tall do Irish Doodles get?

An adult Irish Doodle could be anywhere from 24 to 26 inches tall.

5. Are Irish Doodles good with kids?

They’re just as happy playing with kids as they are with adults. So if you raise an Irish Doodle and a child together, they can become good buddies and offer a variety of benefits to one another, including constant companionship, active lifestyle, protection and care, and increased playtime.

6. Are Irish Doodles a good breed?

Irish Doodles are fun, energetic, intelligent, and easy-to-socialize dogs. They enjoy lots of physical activity and hanging out with their owners most of the time.

Here's a detailed discussion on the Irish Doodle's training needs and personality.

7. Can Irish Doodles be left alone for long periods?

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No. Your dog may not fare well without human companionship for long periods. These dogs often develop strong bonds with their owners and may exhibit signs of separation anxiety if they’re separated from them for too long.

But how do you identify separation anxiety in Irish Doodles?

A dog or security camera allows you to watch your dog while you’re gone. When anxious, your dog can be seen doing things such as pacing back and forth, chewing furniture, barking, digging holes, or being generally destructive. With a home monitoring system, you can check out what your doodle does when he is alone. It may help you figure out why he is acting out and if something needs to be done.

Effective ways to fix separation anxiety in Irish Doodles include:

  • eliminating triggers in the home
  • avoiding crates if possible
  • engaging toys for prolonged pay
  • playing relaxing music
  • using positive reinforcement;
  • getting your dog into professional or home separation anxiety training

8. Are Irish Doodles friendly and gentle?

They’re known for their very gentle and loving nature. If raised from puppyhood to interact socially, they’ll tolerate kids, strangers, and other kids. In addition, their eager­ness and intelligence mean they’ll respond well to commands.

9. Are Irish Doodles suitable for allergy sufferers?

These dogs have minimal-shedding coats, which consequently creates less dander. This means they’re suitable for those who are looking for allergy-safe dogs.

10. Is it better to adopt than buy an Irish Doodle?

Adopting an Irish Doodle from an animal shelter is cheaper than purchasing one from a breeder or another source. Buying this breed can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas adopting from a shelter costs only $50 to $400. Furthermore, most dogs in rescue groups are already spayed or neutered, making the adoption fees a good deal.

As well as saving money, you can also find your match. Most animal shelters and rescues examine and vaccinate dogs upon arrival. Additionally, most shelters and rescue organizations screen animals for certain temperament traits and behavioral issues to match potential pet parents with suitable companions.

Most dogs in rescue organizations are there for reasons such as divorce, relocation, lack of time, financial constraints, or even abandonment. Animals who are surrendered usually already know how to live with people and are house-trained.

And the best part? You are saving an Irish Doodle who would otherwise be euthanized a second chance by giving him a forever home. 

11. Are Irish Doodles good for first-time owners?

Irish Doodles are great for first-time dog owners as long as they’re willing to give their new pets lots of physical activity and mental stimulation.

12. Are Irish Doodles ideal for apartment living?

Because of their size and playful personalities, Irish Doodles would be better off in a house with a big backyard to run around rather than an apartment.

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