11 Things You Should Know About The Beagador

Have you ever heard of the Beagador? This delightful pup is the result of crossing two timeless canine favorites, the Beagle and Labrador. 

Lovable, playful, loyal, protective, the Beagador dog is quite the charmer. But before you make the big decision to add a Beagador to your family, here are twelve things you should know about this breed.

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1. Who should get a Beagador?

Families who are looking for a dog to bring on hikes long walks in the park, or even just to keep up with their kids will find that the Beagador fits the bill perfectly.

2. What do Beagadors look like?

The Beagador will display more characteristics of the Beagle than those of the Labrador. Possessing a thinner, shorter snout than its Lab counterpart, its unique physique is sure to turn heads.

The Beagador is characterized by its muscular shoulders, long bodies, and strong neck.

This mixed breed will most likely have a tri-colored coat, featuring a combination of coat colors commonly associated with the Lab parent.

4. Can you predict the exact traits of a Beagador puppy?

It’s impossible to know exactly which attributes will be present in a Beagador pup due to their unpredictable genetic makeup. No two Beagadors are alike, as each one brings its own unique personality and coat colors to the table.

5. Do Beagadors bark a lot?

Beagadors are very alert dogs that quickly recognize any potential danger or threat to their owners or home through barking. They will usually start barking as soon as they sense anything out of the ordinary, which makes them excellent watchdogs that can deter potential intruders.

3. Are Beagadors cute dogs?

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These dogs have double-coated fur that come in a variety of colors ranging from light yellow to dark brown. And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your cravings for cuteness overload, these dogs also boast an enthusiastic personality with plenty of energy to burn.

6. Where did the Beagador originate?

They were first crossbred in the United States and have since become a beloved addition to many families’ homes.

7. Are Beagadors prone to overeating?

These charming little pooches often don’t know when enough is enough; they can easily be tempted by treats and people food, making them prone to overeating.

Fortunately, there’s no need for alarm; with proper supervision and training from their owners, these hungry pooches will learn to enjoy meals responsibly.

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8. Are Beagadors prone to separation anxiety?

Beagadors are the perfect combination of a Beagle and Labrador Retriever, creating a furry bundle of energy filled with love and loyalty. But their energetic nature sometimes gets the best of them, especially when it comes to separation anxiety

From howling and barking when left alone to destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture or soiling in the house, Beagadors can become easily overwhelmed if left alone for too long.

9. Are Beagadors prone to health issues?

Beagadors can have genetic problems related to either or both parent breeds, so it’s always best to do your research before taking one home. Potential issues include degenerative eye conditions, obesity, hip dysplasia, and other genetic diseases.

To learn how long these dogs live, check out our comprehensive Beagador Dog Breed Profile.

10. Do Beagadors make excellent watchdogs?

These dogs are the perfect companion for anyone looking for a watchdog, as they are known to be very vocal when feeling threatened or nervous. These dogs have been bred to be loyal and brave, and will alert their owners whenever they sense danger.

11. Can you walk a Beagador without a leash?

We don’t recommend walking your Beagador without a leash as this dog is easily distracted by its surroundings and won’t think twice about taking off after whatever has caught its eye. As soon as Beagadors catch a scent, their nose takes control, leading them to explore and investigate on their own.

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  1. I have a Beagador and she is the most loving, intelligent, energetic little dog. She looks like a tiny Lab, jet black and needs a lot of exercise. She is an escape artist and can get over most fences, her ability to jump high is breathtaking, didnt know either breed could jump like her. Loves everybody she meets and only 12 kilos is weight so perfect size family dog. My sisters took a brother each and they are much bigger than her both over 20 kilos and with the same energy and need to please. Really is an amazing mix. She has great re call so took after the Lab for that but, would eat all day if I let her. Certainly the brightest dog I have every had runs rings around my 9 year old Cocker Spaniel. Steals all his toys.

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