14 Things You Should Know About The American Alsatian

If you’re considering bringing this gentle giant into your home, you must be informed about the breed before taking on the responsibility. Here are 14 things about the American Alsatian that you should know before becoming an owner.

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1. Are American Alsatians low-energy dogs?

Yes. This makes them an ideal family pet for those who want a loyal companion but may not have the time or energy necessary to raise a more active, large dog breed.

These dogs love going on walks and getting some exercise but don’t require much activity; they love nothing more than spending their days relaxing with their favorite human companion.

2. Can you walk an American Alsatian without a leash?

While your American Alsatian can display high intelligence, potentially leading them to be able to return should they wander off-leash, it is advisable that a leash still be employed when taking them out in public. Other people and dogs may find this dog’s large size to be intimidating.

3. When was the American Alsatian first introduced?

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First developed in 1988, the American Alsatian was selectively bred to resemble the now-extinct dire wolf. It is formerly referred to as the North American Shepalute and is considered a purebred dog.

Learn its comprehensive history by reading our Americal Alsatian Dog Breed Profile.

4. Do American Alsatian suffer from separation anxiety?

Unfortunately, these lovable animals suffer separation anxiety when kept apart from their owners for too long. 

The distress associated with being away from its beloved family can cause the American Alsatian to act out through destructive behavior or barking. Additionally, this condition often results in poor eating habits, depression and even self-harm by the animal.

5. Is the American Alsatian aggressive?

Although this dog has imposing physical characteristics, it doesn’t have an aggressive personality to match. Their calm and affectionate temperament means that aggression is not something you have to worry about with this breed.

6. Is it easy to train an American Alsatian?

These dogs are highly trainable and make great therapy animals due to their intelligence and calm demeanour. But be sure to use positive reinforcement as punishment can induce negative behavior in American Alsatians.

7. Is the American Alsatian well-suited to a family setting?

This majestic breed is well-suited for a family setting, as it is loyal and gentle. It is easy to fit them into a busy lifestyle since they don’t require too much exercise, just enough to keep them healthy.

8. How can I help my anxious American Alsatian?

Start with getting to know the breed better. American Alsatians may be known for their calm and loyal disposition, but they can also become easily overwhelmed in some situations. It’s important to recognize when your pup may be feeling stressed out or anxious so that you can provide them with the care they need.

You can also try providing your dog with mental stimulation and physical exercise throughout the day to help them stay relaxed. Whether it’s a game of fetch or taking a leisurely walk around your neighborhood, daily activities such as these will help keep your pup content and boost their confidence levels over time.

9. How much is an American Alsatian puppy?

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The cost of an American Alsatian is vastly diverse, with prices ranging from $2000 or more. The closer in appearance a puppy resembles a dire wolf, the more high priced it will be.

10. Is the American Alsatian a large dog?

The American Alsatian is a large dog breed that stands tall at 30 to 33 inches and weighs 90 to 100 pounds.

11. What are the health conditions associated with American Alsatians?

Despite the American Alsatian being a sought-after breed, there is insufficient data to identify which health conditions may be afflicting them precisely. Nevertheless, several health-related issues with large breeds may occur, including bloat, arthritis, seizures, heart problems, allergies, and hip dysplasia.

12. Is it easy to get an American Alsatian?

No. Those seeking to purchase an Americal Alsatian puppy bred by a National American Alsatian Breeders Association-recognized breeder should be advised that there is a waitlist; any other individuals or establishments selling these puppies should be considered unreliable.

13. Is American Alsatian a friendly dog?

The American Alsatian loves to show affection and enjoys spending time with people of all ages; however, they can become timid around unfamiliar environments or strangers if not properly socialized from an early age.

14. Does the AKC recognize the American Alsatian?

Despite being considered a purebred dog, the American Alsatian is not currently recognized by the AKC. Regardless of this lack of recognition, it has its own breed club known as the National American Alsatian Breeder’s Association.

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