Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me

Ever feel like you’re your dog’s favorite? That no matter what, they always like to show you extra special attention? Well, if that extra special attention comes in the form of humping, you may wonder why your pup chooses you as the only one to receive this particular gesture of affection.

Many pet owners also ask themselves: why does my dog only hump me? This guide will answer that question and enumerate all the possible reasons for this behavior.

But first, let’s discuss why dogs hump.

why does my dog only hump me
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Why Do Dogs Hump?

Why do dogs hump? Some people think it’s simply a sign of dominance, while others believe it’s just a behavior in dogs that can’t be controlled. However, the truth is much more complex than either of these assumptions.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that not all dogs hump for the same reason. For some, it may be a way of expressing excitement or anxiety. Others may do so as part of their mating ritual or to mark their territory. And in many cases, underlying medical conditions such as allergies or skin irritations can contribute to this behavior.

There is no single reason for dogs exhibiting humping behavior; however, steps can be taken to address this behavior should it persist and prove problematic. We’ll tell you more about that later.

Your Dog Humps For These Common Reasons

To assert dominance

Yes, you read that right! Your furry friend might only be trying to show who’s boss when they’re humping your leg or another person in the household.

Dogs are pack animals, and it is instinctual for them to establish their place by demonstrating domination over others in various ways; one such example is through humping. This act expresses that they are the pack’s leader. It’s like their way of saying, “I am in control here.”

To get noticed

Dogs may employ attention-seeking behavior, such as humping when they feel neglected, or their owner’s focus is elsewhere. Although pet owners should discourage this action in public, they must also recognize and deal with the root cause of this behavior.

You can redirect this behavior while still giving your pup the attention they crave. For example, engaging in more playtime or taking longer strolls as a duo could be beneficial.

To express their arousal

When a dog becomes sexually aroused, it may need to express it through physical actions like humping. This can be due to various factors, from hormones to environmental stimuli. In some cases, dogs may also instinctively react to the presence of other animals or individuals with whom they find appealing.

While owners might not find this behavior agreeable, it is essential to consider that canines lack the same concept of sexual taboos as humans have.

To scratch an itch

One reason that often gets overlooked is a simple fact that dogs hump to scratch an itch. That’s right, your furry friend is just trying to relieve some pesky itchiness down there.

Dogs experiencing itchiness due to allergies, insect bites, or skin conditions can be unable to reach the affected area directly and subsequently resort to humping to provide relief. 

So next time your pooch gets frisky with a pillow or your leg, don’t jump to conclusions about their behavior being inappropriate. Look closely and see if they’re exhibiting any signs of discomfort or irritation.

To entertain themselves

Believe it or not, dogs also hump simply because they’re bored! It’s their way to pass the time when there’s nothing else to do.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and require adequate mental and physical stimulation to remain in a state of contentment. Deprived of consistent companionship or exercise, they can become irritable and prone to performing undesirable behaviors such as humping. This activity becomes particularly prevalent if no other animals or toys are available for them to interact with.

To calm down

Dogs may display humping behavior due to underlying anxiety issues. A lack of exercise, sudden changes in surroundings, separation from their owner, and other stressors can trigger anxious reactions in pets that require some form of release. Humping assists with this process by releasing endorphin, which relaxes the body.

What Makes My Dog Only Hump Me

There are several reasons why dogs only hump their owners and no one else, and it’s not always about sexual frustration.


One reason for this behavior is dominance. Dogs, being pack animals by instinct, prioritize establishing a leader within the household. If your pooch can sense that you are uncertain about managing him or if he feels an external threat from other people or pets in the same environment, he may engage in such activities as “humping” to assert his authority over you as a leader.

Emotional Connection

The dog-owner relationship often manifests itself as an intense emotional connection. This strong connection is characterized by a bond that surpasses other relationships, as dogs rely heavily on their owner for love, comfort, and safety. These feelings frequently result in displays of loyalty from the animal to its human companion.

There is a theory that dogs will hump people with whom they have formed an emotional bond. simply because they smell familiar and comforting. They associate that smell with a pleasant experience, such as receiving affection.

Lack of Discipline

Dogs hump at owners for various reasons, but one cause that often goes unnoticed is a lack of discipline. Without discipline and structures in place, this habit can become increasingly problematic over time, creating discomfort for both the owner and the dog.

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By setting clear boundaries for your pet and providing outlets for their energy and attention, you can reduce the likelihood of them resorting to humping.

Medical Issues

Before you start feeling ashamed or upset, know that humping may not be entirely your dog’s fault — it could be due to medical issues.

Humping may be caused by common medical issues in dogs, such as allergies and urinary tract infections. Allergies may result in itchy skin that drives a dog to lick or rub its private parts on people or objects. Urinary tract infections can cause pain and discomfort around the genital area, leading to jumping in an attempt to relieve themselves.

How To Reverse Your Dog’s Humping Behavior

An effective strategy for minimizing humping is ensuring your pup receives adequate exercise and stimulation. Well-exercised dogs are less prone to engaging in undesired behaviors; therefore, providing ample physical activity every day is important.

Catching your dog in the act is also a good solution. As soon as you spot your dog humping, call out their name and firmly provide a directive such as ‘off’ or ‘stop.’ Using the word ‘no’ is not beneficial since this may be common in everyday speech. Additionally, if your pet comprehends the command “down,” there could be confusion if they are taught this cue. Speak with authority but without aggravation to ensure the animal understands it must stop without becoming frightened.

Remember that disciplining a dog after humping has ceased serves no purpose and can instead be counterproductive. Hurting or hitting your dog in response to humping can negatively affect its behavior. This approach may possibly increase the underlying stress or tension that caused humping in the first place and not work towards addressing its root cause.

Instead of pinching or hitting your pup, try redirecting their attention with positive reinforcement techniques such as offering them toys or treats when they engage in more appropriate behavior. This will help them associate good things with not humping you.

Finally, be consistent with your messages. If you send inconsistent or contradictory messages by allowing them to hump sometimes but reprimand them for the same behavior on other occasions, they will become confused. To ensure that your pet clearly comprehends what behaviors are acceptable, limit yourself to a few general rules and adhere unwaveringly to these rules.

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