What Is A Fawn Pug?

Pugs are one of the cutest and most recognizable dog breeds in the world. These small, compact canine companions are easily distinguished from other small breeds with their smushed faces and adorable puppy-dog eyes!

Due to their oh so sweet exterior, you may be thinking about adding a pug to your family, and getting one for yourself. So, what exactly is a Pug, and what is a Fawn Pug? Let’s find out!

What Is A Fawn Pug?

What Is A Pug?

The Pug is a dog breed that can be traced back to around 2,000 years ago! These dogs were once the canine companions of Chinese emperors and royalty, but are still a popular and beloved breed today.

What is most recognizable about the pug is its flat face and black face mask around the mouth, along with its small yet muscular build. These dogs come in three different colors, and have large, rounded heads, big, wide eyes and wrinkled brows that make it hard to say no to these cute and cuddly creatures! So, what is a Fawn Pug?

What Is A Fawn Pug?

A Fawn Pug is a color variation of the pug breed. Pugs can come in many different colors, including black, apricot, white, brindle, and fawn. These Fawn Pugs tend to be light tan or a sort of beige in color, but each one can vary in lightness, darkness and their markings. 

You can get simply Fawn Pugs, Apricot Fawn Pugs and even Silver Fawn Pugs. The Fawn Pug is the same as others in the breed, and will be of the same size, temperament, and behavior. 

What Is A Fawn Pug – Appearance

The Fawn Pug has all of the distinctive characteristics of other colors of pugs, with short legs, short noses, a curled tail, wrinkly body and a small, compact yet muscular build. 

Fawn Pugs have funny looking faces, due to their furrowed brows, which make them very able to express emotions just like humans. This can make them very comical and fun to be around.

Pugs are also considered brachycephalic dogs, which means that they are flat-faced with short noses, just like Frenchies or other Bulldogs. They also have shortened foreheads, wide bulging eyes and soft, floppy ears. 

Pugs also have a black mask around the mouth that makes them look like they are wearing a face mask or that they have a beard! But, what do Fawn Pugs actually look like? Take a look at the image below to find out!

What Color Variations Of Pug Are There?

Pugs can come in many various colors, however, the breed standard as characterized by the American Kennel Club only recognizes two colors, which are Fawn Pugs and Black Pugs.

On the other hand, the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom recognizes four colors, which are Silver Pugs, Fawn Pugs, Apricot Pugs and Black Pugs. 

These colors are described as the breed standard by Kennel Clubs around the world, but this is only so that the dog can be AKC registered, for use in the show ring or to compete in dog shows.

You can still have other colors and shade variations in Pugs, but these will not be AKC registered. 

Fawn is actually the most common color of Pug, which looks almost like toasted marshmallow in color. Others will describe the tone as beige, or tan. However, their muzzle and mask will always be as black as possible.

The second most common color of Pugs is black. These can often be solid black in color, but sometimes white markings can appear around the chest or belly.

Then you have Silver Fawn pugs, which are similar to fawn pugs, except their coats almost have a silvery sheen, and will be a little lighter than regular fawn pugs. These types of pugs are the most rare. 

Finally, you can find Apricot Pugs, which have deep, rich, warmer toned coats. They can also be dotted with some white markings around the chest, but will overall be much darker, browner or more orangey toned than the Fawn Pug. 

What Is The Difference Between A Fawn Pug & Apricot Pug?

Many people get confused, and think that Fawn Pugs and Apricot Pugs are the same thing. Whilst they are the same breed of dog, they are terms for different coat colors.

Fawn Pugs are the most common color of pug, and are of a lighter shade. Fawn Pugs have a very light, beige toned body, whereas Apricot Pugs are darker in color and have warmer, more orange-toned coats, like an apricot. 

Fawn Pug: Breed Facts & Temperament

So, what are Pugs really like? The breed itself was designed to be a companion dog, and they certainly do it well. Pugs are so affectionate, and truly love being around their owners.

This makes them great pets for families, young children, seniors, or people who live alone and need some company. They are also very small and fun-loving dogs that are perfect for all sorts of settings from small apartments, to homes with big gardens and smaller yards.

Due to their loving and affectionate nature, Pugs have long been bred for companionship and continue to be a very popular breed today. The Fawn Pug in particular, is still the most common and popular color choice for Pug lovers all around the world!

It may surprise you to find that despite their recent rise in popularity, Pugs are actually one of the world’s oldest breeds. These cute and cuddly creatures originally came from China, and can be dated back all the way to 400 B.C.

They were initially bred to be companions for the wealthy in the region, but have since spread all around the globe as fun loving, furry friends. 

When it comes to temperament, all dogs are different, but most Pugs have similar traits and characteristics.

With Pugs, they have a lot of character in a little, tiny body. This means that they have a very big personality. They love to play, they love to please, and are devoted to their owners, but they do have a stubborn streak.

Pugs are very friendly in nature, and will get along with many people, and can be the single dog in the household, or will fit in with other dogs in the home. However, they can be prone to clinginess, as they bond with their owners very strongly. They will follow you everywhere around the house and will become your best friend in no time at all! 

They are not really prone to bad behavior, and will not really bark, chew, dig or be aggressive with other dogs. However, they do require some training, or they can start misbehaving without any discipline, but they are still suitable for first time owners!

The only thing you really need to know before you get your own Pug is that they do prefer to be around their owners, and don’t really like being on their own. They can be sensitive little souls, and will need company. 

You also need to be aware that Pugs do not do well in warm climates. They cannot cool themselves down quickly, and are prone to heatstroke, so if you live in hot locations, then a Pug may not be for you. 

About The Fawn Pug

Fawn Pugs are typically between 10-12 inches in height for females and 12-14 inches for males.

On average, they tend to weigh anywhere between 15-20 pounds for females and between 18-22 pounds for males. They are considered a Toy Breed, so are very small in size, no matter what color they are. 

On average, Pugs tend to live longer than larger breeds, and can live up to 12 to 15 years. However, they can have some health issues and conditions as a brachycephalic breed that can pose a health risk to them. 

They can be trained, and are considered a trainable breed, but will take a lot of patience as they can be stubborn and confident in themselves. They do not have lots of energy, and only need about 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep them happy. 

Pugs have short haired coats, so they don’t really require a lot of grooming. All they need is weekly brushing and regular bathing to keep their coats healthy.

That being said, Pugs are not that high maintenance, and can do well in small homes, apartments, condos, and bigger homes regardless what size it is. They’re happy little creatures, and are very docile. 

How Much Is A Fawn Pug?

Fawn Pugs are the most common color of Pugs, so they are not rare or hard to find. You may be able to purchase a Fawn Pug for around $1,000 for a well bred Pug.

However, more reputable breeders will charge about $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the lineage of the dog, the experience of the breeder, the pedigree and age of the Pug. On the other hand, you could always adopt a Pug from a shelter. 

How To Keep You Fawn Pug Healthy

If you do want to purchase a pug, you should be aware of some of the health conditions that this breed is predisposed to. As long as you catch these problems early, and take your pet to the veterinarian, then they can be treated, and will not pose a great risk. 

One of the biggest issues is brachycephalic syndrome, or brachycephalic airway obstructions syndrome, which restricts the airways and breathing of the dog, due to the shortened nose and flat faced nature of the breed.

This can make them prone to breathing problems, and overheating in hot weather or due to overexertion. 

In addition, Pugs can be prone to hip dysplasia, which is a genetic condition that affects the hip joints, particularly later in life. Pugs also have large, bulging eyes that can be prone to eye infections, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and other eye problems, so keep a watch on those if you have a Pug. 

They can also be prone to skin infections and problems around the nose, jaw and any places where there are folds and wrinkles in the skin. However, these can be easily treated with medication or by a veterinarian. It is also advisable to wipe your dog down with a pet safe wipe to ensure there is no dirt or bacteria trapped in the wrinkles every day. 

Pugs can also be prone to obesity and can become overweight quickly. This is why you need to keep them on a well-balanced diet, and do not feed them human food or too many treats!


To conclude, Fawn Pugs are a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a canine companion. They are cute, funny, loving and become very bonded to their owners.

Fawn Pugs are a beautiful, beige color with black muzzles and wide eyes that give them a very lovable appearance. They’re super easy going and perfect for first time dog owners, so go find yourself a Fawn Pug!