10 Things You Should Know About The Pug Pitbull Mix

Do you dream of owning a pup as loyal as a Pitbull and cute as a Pug? If yes, the Pug Pitbull Mix will bring the best of both worlds to your home. With the best traits from both sides, this adorable pup makes it easy to want them around for as long as possible. 

But before you run off to adopt your own Pug Pitbull Mix, here are ten things you should know about them.

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1. What two dogs make a Pug Pitbull Mix?

The mixed-breed variety, created by mating an American Pitbull Terrier and a Pug, is aptly named the Pug Pitbull Mix. 

When you look at this unique mixed breed, it’s easy to see why this pooch captivates many. The combination of both parent breeds’ feisty and devoted temperament creates an endearing combination.

This pup has quite an extensive and intricate past when considering both its parents. Pugs were bred centuries ago in China as a pet specifically for royalties, while Pitbulls were created for bull baiting and ratting purposes — two distinct paths that never crossed until now! 

This canine maintained characteristics of a guardian and royalty, ancestral traits inherited from Pitbulls and Pugs, respectively and historically known for their relation to Chinese ruling households. The perfect combination offers us a delightful and unexpected surprise, making them ideal family pets with amiable temperaments.

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2. How long does a Pug Pitbull Mix live?

The Pug Pitbull Mix can achieve a life expectancy of up to thirteen years. Ownership of this breed is potentially very rewarding due to its significant lifespan. They are considered one of the longest-living breeds.

3. Do Pug Pitbull Mix dogs bark a lot?

Pug Pitbull Mixes are not barky but will do their job as an intimidating watchdog if needed. Those looking for a pet that won’t disturb their neighbors or wake them up in the middle of the night should look no further than one of these dogs.

Even better, these pups won’t be a wild bunch, but they’ll still have plenty of energy to bring back that Frisbee you threw in the park or to hop up on your lap for some post-dinner snuggles.

4. Will a Pug Pitbull Mix protect its owner?

This mixed breed strikes the perfect balance between an affectionate friend and a dependable defender. These animals generally demonstrate a gentle temperament; however, they will ardently protect their humans when necessary.

5. What does the Pug Pitbull Mix look like?

It is difficult to accurately predict the physical characteristics of this canine, given its genetically hybridized origin. The pup’s appearance will largely depend on which genetic traits from each parent are more dominant. 

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Pug Pitbull Mix puppies usually inherit facial characteristics from the Pitbull parent, such as a pointed snout or the Pug parent with its flat face. The physical build of this mixed breed typically incorporates elements of both parent breeds.

6. Does Pug Pitbull Mix get health issues during their lifespan?

Like any other breed, the Pug Pitbull Mix has certain health issues that can arise during its lifetime. These include ear infections, diabetes mellitus, obesity, cataracts, and epilepsy. These problems are practically inherited from their parents.

7. Can you adopt a Pug Pitbull Mix from a dog shelter?

Yes, dozens of adorable Pug Pitbull Mix dogs are up for adoption at local dog shelters. Save time and money by choosing to adopt instead of shop.

Contrary to what some online sources may wrongly claim, adopted Pug Pitbull Mix from animal shelters are no more aggressive than other breeds. Experts agree that even canines that have suffered mistreatment can be conditioned to display favorable behavior.

Nevertheless, dog shelters and rescue groups maintain rigorous standards and will not consider allowing any dogs that have yet to overcome the trauma of abuse to be available for adoption.

Refer to our Pug Pitbull Mix Breed Profile for a full list of shelters and rescue groups for this mixed breed.

8. Can Pug Pitbull Mix dogs live with other pets?

The Pug Pitbull Mix can easily live with other dogs, animals, and humans. They can be trained relatively easily due to their intelligent nature, making them ideal for living in harmony with other pets.

9. What do Pug Pitbull Mix puppies eat?

The diet for a Pug Pitbull mix puppy should be tailored to their individual needs and energy level. Generally speaking, it is best for your pup to consume high-quality kibble formulated specifically for small breeds or mixed breeds like a Pug Pitbull mix. This food offers essential nutrients and vitamins for a young pup’s growth while being easy on their stomachs. Mix in wet food every once in a while as an added treat.

10. What are other names for a Pug Pitbull Mix?

When analyzing the various combinations of dog breeds, it is evident that each one exhibits different traits and its own identity. This can be illustrated through the Pug Pitbull Mix, carefully created by an experienced breeder.

Besides the generic designation of a purebred dog, here is a list of other witty names that suit the Pug Pitbull Mix: Pugbull, Pit Pug Mix, Pugbull Terrier, Pit-a-Pug, Pug-a-Bull, Pitbull Pug Mix.

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