How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks?

So, if you are looking for a new and fun way to spend time with your family and your four-legged friend, why not take a trip to your local Starbucks?

You might think that this is an odd suggestion for somewhere to bring your dog, however, there is one reason in particular that you should consider bringing your dog here…

While you are enjoying your favorite coffee order, your pup can enjoy their very own puppuccino. 

To answer the question: how much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? Well, this will cost you $0.

It’s a cheap day out for you and your pooch for sure. Of course, you have to bring your dog with you in order to get a puppuccino for free, and you need to buy a beverage while you are there.

Unfortunately, you can’t just go to Starbucks on your dog’s behalf, you need to commit to the caffeine yourself.  

Starbucks’ Dog Menu

Whether you want to take your dog for a new day trip out, or whether you just want to bring your dog along on your daily coffee stop, it definitely adds to the experience if you can treat your canine to a drink as well.

When you get to your Starbucks, enquire about the dog menu at that particular shop, as there should be something extra for your dog to enjoy. 

Imagine meeting your friend for a coffee, but on this coffee date your friend is drinking a hot chocolate and you can only sip water.

Well, this is exactly how your dog might feel watching you sip your favorite Starbucks order and all they have is a water bowl. So, why not let your dog in on the fun and treat them to their very own special Starbucks drink.

After all, there would be nothing worse than watching your friend slurp at a hot chocolate whilst you are sipping a glass of water.

So, Starbucks actually has a special menu for dogs, and this is one of their many secret menus. What does this mean? Well, you will not find the dog menu in the Starbucks app or on the normal menu.

You have to ask the barista through the drive-thru or in the store, so unfortunately you cannot order a puppuccino via the Starbucks app.

This is an exclusive in-store purchase that will really add to your pooch’s Starbucks experience, and this will definitely get you some super cute photos for your social media pages. 

On this dog menu is a puppuccino, which is free if you bring your dog with you. Yeah, Starbucks is not going to risk just giving you a cup of whipped cream for you to enjoy. You have to have your dog with you to get the goods.

Additionally, if you bring a service dog you can order a puppuccino for them in the store or in the drive-thru.

So, even though a puppuccino is free, you can also give the barista a tip as a thank you for giving your dog a delicious treat. And, to get a puppuccino you need to purchase a drink yourself too.

What Is A Puppuccino?

So, you might be wondering what a puppuccino is because it sounds like some sort of cappuccino for your pup. However, a puppuccino is not coffee, it is just a small serving of whipped cream in a Starbucks cup.

Of course, the whipped cream is a special Starbucks recipe and your dog will love it. 

So, to be specific, inside the puppuccino is regular whipped cream from Starbucks in an espresso size cup, which has been specially made for your canine friend.

Source: myrecipes

Milk products such as whipped cream will be safe for your dog if you give it as a special treat. We do not advise that you give this to your dog as a daily treat, this is a rare treat that you should only give your dog on special occasions. 

Also in the puppuccino is Mono and Diglycerides. What are these? Well, Mono and Diglycerides are fats that function as stabilizers. This will make the puppuccino have a consistent texture and prevent separation between all ingredients.

Meanwhile, carrageenan, which makes liquid, remains mixed. This is nothing for you to worry about, but this is why we say that a puppuccino should just be an occasional treat for your dog. 

Can You Order A Puppuccino On The Starbucks App?

Just to avoid any confusion, you cannot order a puppuccino on the Starbucks app as it is not an official part of the Starbucks menu. You can only go to the drive-thru or inside the store, if your dog is allowed in, and that is how you get a free puppuccino.

You do not need to be confused about how much a puppuccino costs at Starbucks, because a pup cup at Starbucks will cost nothing. Consider this a thank you to you and your pooch for being loyal customers at your local Starbucks.

How To Make A Puppuccino For Your Dog At Home

Does your dog absolutely love puppuccinos, but is Starbucks not your regular coffee shop? Well, if this is the case then we have the recipe for you, so that you can give your pup a taster of the latest craze in the dog world. 

Additionally, you can also make the puppuccino for your dog at home a lot healthier than it is in Starbucks, and this puppuccino would make a great substitute for your dog’s daily sweet treat.

The easiest way to do this is to put 4 oz of whipped cream into a cup, or even your dog’s food bowl, and give it to your dog without adding anything to the mixture. This is your dog’s way of having a Starbucks at home. 

The milk in the can is whipped to form a fluffy consistency similar to that of mousse.

The coffee powder is optional, but it gives the puppuccinos a nice color and taste if you did not buy these treats for your furry friend during his or her birthday party. It has also been proven by experts that dogs like the smell of coffee.

The end result is a nice beverage which you can give your dog as a treat while you enjoy your favorite coffee – be it at home or in Starbucks.

Read on for how to make your own puppuccino for your pup from the comfort of your own home!

This is perfect for those days when the weather is dreary and miserable, and you want to cheer up your pup, and undoubtedly yourself by watching your pup enjoy this special sweet treat. 


  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 tbsp of coffee powder or instant coffee (optional)
  • 1/3 cup of milk (whole or skimmed)
  • Cocoa powder and whipped cream to taste (optional)


  1. Place your ice cream in a bowl – preferably something wide, as this makes it easier for your dog to eat the puppuccino. It is pointless using the sort of cup you would have your Starbucks order in, especially if your dog does not have a long snout. This would be borderline mean – to give your dog its own puppuccino in a cup they can’t actually get their snouts in, although what we will say is that this would keep them entertained for a good few hours. And, if they try hard enough then they will definitely be able to enjoy this sweet treat in any receptacle you give them. 
  2. Add the coffee powder and mix it with the ice cream – this means that it will be distributed evenly, and your pup will not come across a mound of coffee. Alternatively, you may mix all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor as this takes away from the arm work and makes sure that the flavor of the puppuccino is consistent throughout.
  3. After that, transfer everything into your can of puppuccino and seal it tightly – then we recommend that you put your puppuccino mix inside the freezer for several hours or overnight to chill the yummy treat. Do not forget to mark the expiration date on your can in case you are going to store it for more than a day or two, you do not want to make your pooch poorly.
  4. Once you are ready, serve the puppuccino – do not forget to sprinkle some cocoa powder and whipped cream on top if your dog has been particularly good and you want to reward your pup with a decadent treat. You can also add some sugar sprinkles around its rim, just like some of the commercial brands do, which will give your pup the full Starbucks experience at home. 

This is a great treat to batch-make your pup and keep in the freezer, because you can serve it up for your pup whenever you want. But, we do recommend that you keep a record of when you freeze your puppuccino because you do not want it to expire and make your dog poorly. 

So, we have an even better idea for you to combat any potentially wasted puppuccinos. We would suggest that it would be a great idea if you arrange for some friends to come over and for them to bring their pooches along.

Then you can dish out mass puppuccinos for your pooch and theirs to enjoy, be it a stifling hot summer’s day or a bitterly cold winter’s evening.

Sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee with your friends, and enjoy the peace and quiet of all of your dogs gulping up their puppuccinos, so that you can all sit together and have a blissfully barking-free conversation. 

So, whether you want to take a trip to your local Starbucks with your four-legged friend, or if the rain is pouring and neither of you can think of anything worse than leaving the house, then why not make a puppuccino your dog’s new go-to treat?!

This is perfect for your dog’s cheat day, and although we do not recommend that you give this to your dog often as it is not all that diet friendly, as a now and again sort of treat, the puppuccino is perfect.