Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs: Is Lowes Pet Policy Dog Friendly?

Lowe’s was once a small-town hardware store, but has grown into one of the biggest home improvement brands in the entire world.

At Lowe’s, you’ll find appliances, building supplies, tools, and everything you need to renovate and redesign your home. So, Lowe’s is definitely a popular store to visit!

If you’re anything like us, then your furry friend goes everywhere with you.

So, you may be wondering which stores allow dogs and which do not. Luckily, we’re here to tell you if Lowe’s is dog friendly or not, and whether you can take your canine companion on your next trip to Lowe’s with you! 

Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs?

You may have noticed at your local Lowe’s that some people tie their dogs outside of the store while they shop, and others will roam about inside with their dogs, so what is the actual policy?

If you’re wondering if you can take your furry friend to Lowe’s, then you’re in the right place. The Lowe’s dog policy is that service dogs are the only ones officially allowed inside of Lowe’s stores. 

That being said, the policy is not that strict, and most of the time it is down to the discretion of the employees in the store.

Most of Lowe’s employees are perfectly fine with other dogs coming into the store, as long as they are leashed. In many cases, they often do not ask to see proof that the dog is a service animal or therapy dog.

What Is Lowe’s Dog Policy?

The official Lowe’s dog policy used to be that only service animals and therapy animals were permitted into the store. The policy stated that only genuine service dogs were allowed, as long as they were kept leashed, under control and cleaned up afterwards.

If you look around your local Lowe’s store, and think there’s no way all of these dogs are service animals, then you’re probably right! 

You’ll find dogs roaming (leashed or harnessed) the aisles with their owners, people carrying their dogs, and some even keeping pups snuggled up inside of their jackets. So how come all of these people are supposedly smuggling their dogs into Lowe’s? 

Well, it seems that Lowe’s has recently amended its dog policy so that all dogs are allowed, not just service dogs, as long as they behave themselves, are kept leashed or in a harness or bag, and as long as the owners clean up after them in case of any accidents.

This however seems to be down to those working at Lowe’s, as most are very lenient when it comes to the dog policy. Assistants and Management at Lowe’s don’t really seem to care if you bring your dog in, as long as it behaves well and is trained properly or under control.

For the vast majority of Lowe’s stores, the policy is that ‘well behaved, leashed, harnessed or carried service animals and pets’ are allowed in the stores. 

Enforcing Lowe’s Dog Policy 

Just because many people say that they are always allowed into Lowe’s with their dogs, doesn’t mean that this is always the case.

The dog policy does state that service dogs are the only ones permitted into the store at any time, but some stores allow all behaved dogs into the stores. This may not mean that all stores allow dogs. 

Whilst this is a little confusing, as there is no one rule across the board when it comes to non-service animals, it’s just how it is. The dog friendliness policy is applied and executed differently from store to store.

You may find that some stores have managers that are more lenient with the dog friendly rules, whereas others stick more to the policy and only allow genuine, certified service dogs. 

What this means is that the policy is applied differently depending on where you are, what store you are in, and what people are working there.

That being said, for the most part it seems like the majority of Lowe’s stores are happy to let dogs in whether they are service animals or not, as long as they are kept under control, on a leash and if they behave well.

It looks like the service dog policy is not fully enforced, which is why we always see so many dogs up and down the aisles of our local Lowe’s store!

How To Know If Your Local Lowe’s Allows Dogs

There is no definitive guide or list of the Lowe’s that allow dogs because it is down to the workers’ discretion. Officially, they are not allowed to permit any dogs other than service dogs into the store, so it really does depend on the management running the particular store.

Our best advice is to call up your local Lowe’s ahead, before you go there to see if management will permit you into the store with your dog.

If they say yes, then you’re good to go, but if they say no, you’ll have to respect it and simply pop your pooch back home first before heading to Lowe’s. 

Another thing that you can do to check if your local Lowe’s store is dog friendly, is to head to the Lowe’s website.

At the far left corner, you may see the closest store to you based on your location. You can click on the pin to select another store, or a different store. When you select your store, you can click on the part that says shop this store. 

This will take you to a page based on that store, where you will be able to see the address, phone number, opening hours and more. If you scroll down, you’ll see an About section of that store, and to the right hand side, there is a Store Features section, that will state whether that store in particular is dog friendly or not! 

However, it is important to note that not all stores list whether they are dog friendly, so it is better to call before visiting. More often than not, they will still be happy to accommodate you and welcome you into their store along with your furry friend.

Dog Etiquette At Lowe’s

If you love taking your pup everywhere with you, then it’s important that you’re aware of good etiquette skills so that Lowe’s never reverses this policy or bans dogs altogether.

If all dog owners can be responsible with taking their dogs into public places, then the likelihood is that more stores and shops will start to allow well-behaved dogs onto their property.

So, Lowe’s allows dogs, but only well behaved ones, so what’s the etiquette of taking your dog into Lowe’s? Well, it is a given that all dogs need to be kept on a leash, in a harness or inside of a bag at all times. By bag, we mean a dog carrier if you have a small dog or a puppy. 

You should also ensure that the leash is not too long so that your dog walks ahead of you or starts to explore Lowe’s for themselves. Make sure that the leash you have keeps your dog at your side, and safe at all times.

This will keep your dog out of trouble, and prevent them from getting under anyone’s feet or in anyone’s way whilst you are shopping. 

You should also only take your dog into Lowe’s if you know that they can behave.

This means that you’re confident that your dog is house trained and will not make a mess on the floor, but it also means that your dog has good manners.

You don’t want to take a dog to Lowe’s that’s going to jump up on people, get in the way, possibly damage items in the store, or become aggressive around strangers. As long as you trust that your dog can behave, you can take them in. 

Unfortunately, some dogs who are house trained even have accidents sometimes and your dog may embarrass you by peeing or defecating on the floor inside the store.

If this does happen, don’t worry too much, but make sure that you clean it up, as it is not a Lowe’s employee’s responsibility to tidy up after your pet.

So, make sure that you take a poop bag and some disinfectant wipes to the store to get rid of any messes your dog might make, just to be safe. 

When your dog is good, and behaving well, offer them some treats that you brought with you to reward them for this behavior. They are more likely to carry on being well behaved whilst you finish your shopping trip. 

We also recommend that you pay for any items that your dog damages, picks up or plays with as this is just good manners. If your dog picks up a toy, or picks something up with its mouth, then it is best to pay for it.

If your dog accidentally breaks something in the store, then you should also pay for the damage. Remember that it is a privilege, not a right to have your pet with you in the store, so treat the store and it’s employees with respect. 

Have There Been Any Dog Attacks At Lowe’s?

In 2014, there was unfortunately a horrible incident with a dog and a child at a Lowe’s store in California. The dog was leashed and being held onto by its owner, whilst they browsed the garden section of the store.

The 3 year old Akita dog suddenly bit and attacked a toddler, biting at the face and neck, and the child had to have almost 50 stitches to recover. 

The child recovered fine, but the parents sued Lowe’s for having the dog in the store.

Lowe’s however still has a dog-friendly policy despite the lawsuit, but it is vital that dog owners continue to be responsible, and only take trained, trustworthy and well behaved dogs into the store. 

The Lowe’s Service Dog

Finally, let’s talk about Lowe’s own service dog! In 2016. Lowe’s hit headlines when the news broke that the company hired a military veteran, and hired his dog too. The dog was called Charlotte, and had accompanied her owner for 10 years prior to the job interview. 

The veteran himself asked if having a service dog would be a problem in the role, but Lowe’s hired him anyway, to support a veteran and to further support their dog friendly policy.

Charlotte, the Golden Retriever even has her own vest to show that she is a Lowe’s employee. You can see Charlotte hard at work here:


To conclude, Lowe’s does allow dogs, but the official dog policy states that they should be service dogs. However, most Lowe’s stores will allow well behaved pets as long as they are leashed and well mannered!